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How Gammabulb works

GammaBulb has been specially designed to transform standard 60 hz house power into 40 hz light. All of GammaBulb's specialty electronics are encased in the GammaBulb housing, so GammaBulb is ready to be screwed into normal house lamps right out of the box. If you can screw in a light bulb, you can use GammaBulb.

We recommend that you sit with your GammaBulb for one hour a day and make it your primary light source.  Using GammaBulb in this way will emulate research studies as closely as possible.  We do not believe it is necessary or a good idea to stare directly at GammaBulb for a prolonged period of time.  Just sit in the light provided by GammaBulb as your would with any other light bulb. 

Alzheimer's Disease and 40 hz Light

In patients with Alzheimer's Disease there is a noticeable degradation of the gamma wave function in the brain. The hypothesis behind the MIT study asked, "What would happen if we were somehow able to bring the gamma wave back?" Answering this question has begun to show some unexpected results. Scientists found that by exposing mice to 40 hz light for one hour a day, previously lost brain function began to return. Our hope is that GammaBulb will do this for you or your loved one.

40 hz light matches the 40 hz gamma wave that can be found in the brain. The 40 hz light therapy will stimulate the brain through the eyes. We recommend that you sit with your GammaBulb for one hour each day to take in the light that GammaBulb provides. Please exercise proper prudence and discuss the use of GammaBulb with your healthcare provider. This is an exciting new therapy and the choice to use GammaBulb should be made in conjunction with your medical team.

GammaBulb Frequently asked questions

What is GammaBulb?

GammaBulb Is a specially engineered lightbulb created to flicker at a rate of 40 Hz (Hertz). GammaBulb turns on and off 40 times each second. Our Hope is that GammaBulb will stimulate the brain through the eyes and both enhance and correct the functioning of the Gamma Wave in the brain in patients with Alzheimer's Disease.

What is the Gamma Wave?

The Gamma Wave is a pattern of neural oscillation with a frequency between 25 and 100 Hz though 40 Hz is typical.  In Alzheimer's patients, the Gamma Wave appears to break down.  New research has looked into the effects of artificially stimulating the brain to bring back the gamma wave oscillations.  Unexpected results have shown that a re-activation of the gamma wave in the brain has led to a reduction in the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in mice. 

What Alzheimer's symptoms can potentially be alleviated?

New research has shown that memories thought to be gone forever can potentially be returned with the re-activation of the Gamma Wave and the removal of beta amyloid plaques.

What happens when the Gamma Wave returns?

New studies have shown that by bringing back the Gamma Wave artificially with 40Hz light, other areas of the brain also affected by Alzheimer's begin to work properly again.  For example, In an Alzheimer's brain, Microglia cells do not function properly.  The Microglia cells work as the janitors of the brain and make sure that Amyloid-beta plaques do not accumulate, amongst other things.  When the Gamma Wave returns, these cells begin to function properly.  In studies done in mice, there was a significant reduction in beta amyloid plaques, up to 50%!

What were the effects on the mice when the Gamma Wave returned and the Amyloid-Beta plaques were reduced?

When the Gamma Wave returned and the beta amyloid plaques were reduced the mice seemed to regain memories that were thought to have been lost forever. A group of healthy mice were conditioned to fear a certain room that had a specific smell and feel because when the mice were put in that room they were given a small electric shock.  Healthy mice feared the room and froze (a sure sign of scared mice).  When mice with full-blown Alzheimer's were put in the room, they showed no fear response, because they did not remember the negative stimuli associated with the room.  When these mice were then given therapy similar to the therapy that can be gained with GammaBulb, these same mice that had no recollection of the room began to show the fear response again.  This amazing result shows that the memories thought to have been lost forever could potentially return.  If this works the same in humans, our loved ones can return to us with their memories!   

Do the amyloid-beta plaques disappear forever?

No.  In the research, the levels of plaques rose after 24 hours, so the 40hz light therapy seems to need to be done every day in order to maintain the positive results. 

Can our loved ones really get their memories back?

If GammaBulb works the same on humans as the 40hz light worked on mice, then it is entirely possible to have our loved ones regain some of their memories.

Does GammaBulb work in standard lamps?

Yes.  GammaBulb is a standard A19 size bulb that fits into E26/E27 light sockets.  You need no modifications and no messy transformers or wiring like other products.  The driver that creates the 40Hz flicker is built right into the lightbulb.  This means that you can take your GammaBulb anywhere you travel, so you never have to miss a light therapy session

Is GammaBulb durable?

Very!  You don't have to worry about dropping or breaking GammaBulb with normal use like you would with a standard light bulb.  GammaBulb is made with an LED light source, so it stays relatively cool and can be made with hard plastics that resist damage and breakage.

Where can I find out more about this exciting research?

Look to the science journal Nature and an article entitled: Gamma Frequency Entrainment Attenuates Amyloid Load and Modifies Microglia.  Also, please listen to the Radio Lab Episode entitled Bringing Back Gamma for more information.

Are there any potential dangers to using GammaBulb?

There is a potential for people who are photosensitive to have an adverse reaction to the flicker of GammaBulb.  This would include young children and anyone who has any type of seizure disorders such as epilepsy.  Anybody who thinks they could potentially be at risk should discuss their concerns with their primary care physician before using GammaBulb.

  • 40 Hz Flicker

    GammaBulb Is a specially engineered lightbulb created to flicker at a rate of 40Hz (Hertz). GammaBulb turns on and off 40 times each second.  Our Hope is that GammaBulb will stimulate the brain through the eyes and both enhance and correct the functioning of the Gamma Wave in the brain in patients with Alzheimer's Disease.  The flicker of GammaBulb is noticeable to most people.  The human eye is mostly unable to resolve flickering light in the 50-60 hz range, which is why most light bulbs are made to oscillate at this frequency.  GammaBulb flickers at a slightly slower rate and is therefore noticeable.  It is not an offensive light and can be likened to a malfunctioning fluorescent bulb.  People with photo-sensitivity may have an adverse reaction to the flicker, especially if you have a seizure disorder.  Take care and talk to your healthcare provider if you have any concerns regarding GammaBulb.


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